The Ever-Growing Need for Computer Engineers

Computers are a constantly changing technology, and are being implemented in everything. Cars, refrigerators, cameras: all of these objects have computers in them, each different in their own ways. But they all are similar in this one way: they need computer engineers and computer scientists to operate.

With the constant increase in frequency of computers being involved in the lives of everyday people, computer engineers are also in higher demand than ever. Being able to make unique computer systems for the various technologies we use all the time, and also making them usable by and affordable to the public, are important jobs that computer engineers have. And these jobs are constantly adapting to new technologies that are invented and thought of.

The Demand for Computer Engineering: Still on the Rise

When asked about job growth in the U.S. for computer engineers and computer scientists, Dr. Wayne Dyksen, a computer science professor at Michigan State University said there is, “No plateau in sight for job growth. It is actually quite the opposite.” The nation is currently becoming so dependent on technology to do day to day tasks that job growth cannot go down yet.

And society is being more and more dependent on it as we speak. In 2000, there were a reported 1.5 computers average per household in the United States. In 2012, just twelve years later, TekCarta reported that the number had doubled to three per household. This does not take into account the many of the smaller, less noticeable computers involved in other pieces of technology. And this growth is projected to continue well into the future. If more computer engineers ad computer scientists aren’t hired, then there is no way that the demand could be kept up with.

Outsourcing and the Effects on Computer Engineering

Jobs going over to other countries is nothing new. The U.S. is known to outsource employment to other countries for a multitude of reasons: cheaper labor and cheaper resources are just a few of these reasons. Computer engineering and computer science also cannot escape this trend.

Countries like China and India are fairly new to the computer technology scene, especially in relation to the United States. And outsourcing computer jobs to places that are new to it can be a dangerous maneuver, especially in terms of software. Teaching someone overseas how to work with software can be a tricky task, because it can be similar to learning another language in of itself. A very experienced engineer in the United States is more likely to provide more worth than a few engineers not nearly as experienced in another country, even though it is cheaper to hire them.

However, growth of computer engineering and computer science jobs is still expected to rise, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics, and here at MSU, it is very apparent that many people want jobs in this field. A lot of the people I talk to are either computer engineering majors or computer science majors, and I didn’t meet them because of this aspect. There are so many classes available to students here who are interested in the major, and clubs like the robotics club and the Association for Computing Machinery show that the field is huge and ever expanding, and not planning on stopping soon.


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